National Sawdust Names 7 New Board Members

By David Salazar

The National Sawdust has announced seven new board members.

The new board members include finance, technology, and advertising professional Kathie Choi; lawyer, corporate executive, and writer Chinwe Esimai; attorney Peter Faber; communications professional Alexandra Fenwick-Moore; performing arts producer Charles Letourneau; machine learning research engineer Xiao Ma; and philanthropy professional and community activist Teresa Toro.

“In our first 10 years, we needed to prove that National Sawdust—a place where visionary artists collaborate and support one another, and where curious audiences can experience experimental new work—should exist,” said Composer Paola Prestini, National Sawdust’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director, per an official press statement. “We have learned a great deal about what artists need in this precarious moment and in the future, and we are in a position to imagine and activate new ways to meet those needs. Kathie, Chinwe, Peter, Alexandra, Charles, Xiao, and Teresa bring diverse, indispensable expertise to the devising and doing of this crucial work. We are deeply grateful to them for getting behind our mission so wholeheartedly.”

“Empowering artists and contributing to New York City’s vibrant performing arts ecosystem is an exciting opportunity and a joyful responsibility. As we embrace the complexities of today’s world, we recognize the immense creativity and adaptability of artists and arts organizations. Together, we’re navigating a landscape rich with new technologies and opportunities for connection and expression. Welcoming seven new board members, each bringing a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise, we are thrilled to enhance our support for artists, helping them thrive and make an indelible impact on our community,” added Ana De Archuleta, National Sawdust Managing Director.