MUSE/IQUE Receives Major Grant from Perenchio Foundation

By David Salazar

MUSE/IQUE has received a $1.4 million grant from the Perenchio Foundation to support the company over three years.

“This grant serves as a grand affirmation of the spirit of adventure and sense of purpose shared by our artists, audiences, and support teams alike,” MUSE/IQUE Artistic Director Rachael Worby said in an official press statement. “Together, we strive to achieve incisive musical narratives illuminated by transcendent performances that can change lives.”

“On behalf of the MUSE/IQUE Board of Directors, we are thankful to the Perenchio Foundation for this gift, the largest grant in our history. As we enter our twelfth season, this grant will help to expand our reach to all members of our community. This major gift allows us to continue our mission to uplift, affirm, and inspire though live musical performances in MUSE/IQUE’s unique manner,” added board chair LeeAnn Havner.

Founded in 2011, MUSE/IQUE has aimed to upend traditional performance concepts throughout the Pasadena and larger Los Angeles area. In that vein, the company has never had a formal concert hall, instead opting for non-traditional venues in order to reach a wider and more diverse audience.