Michael Park to Present ‘Diagnosis: Diabetes’ Throughout November

By David Salazar

This November, composer Michael Park is set to present “Diagnosis: Diabetes” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. 

Park reached out to several diabetes organizations throughout North America to present a wide array of livestreams to different audiences. Among the organizations participating in the opera’s streaming this November include BC Diabetes, We Are Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Vancouver’s Erato Ensemble; Erato Ensemble actually gave the world premiere of the opera back in 2015. 

Additionally, the interactive opera will be presented on World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14) as part of the American Diabetes Association’s online activities. 

“The opera has allowed me to connect with people touched by type-one diabetes, to show them they’re not alone. To be included in the centennial celebrations of North America’s largest diabetes organization is a true honor and an amazing opportunity,” Park stated in a press statement.