Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Participates in Princeton University Study About Air Flow

By Francisco Salazar

The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra participated in a Princeton University Study that indicated surprising findings about air flow in Trained Opera Singers.

The orchestra, the only world-class orchestra in America furloughed with no pay since April 1, 2020, opted to do the study as a means of actively pursuing ways to get back to work safely. The study was conducted without the Metropolitan Opera management’s participation.

The orchestra released the first parts of the findings in a video with Isabel Leonard performing which you can see here.

According to a press release, 30 percent of the orchestra members have been faced with moving outside of the New York City area with many more families being forced to make challenging decisions each day due to the lack of economic compensation from the Metropolitan Opera and the lack of economic support from the Federal Government.

The scientific study is ongoing and results will be released as they become available. The orchestra is pleased to support their affiliate opera singers with this glimmer of hope: professional singers are experts in breath efficiency.