Metropolitan Opera Guild To Auction Enrico Caruso Glasses, Manuscripts & Letters From Famous Composers

By David Salazar

The Metropolitan Opera Guild is currently set to auction off some notable pieces of its collection on two separate days in June.

According to Christie’s the Guild will shop 90 lots of rare musical manuscripts, composer’s letters and other memorabilia on June 15. It will be an opportunity for potential buyers to get direct access to such famous pieces as Bach Cantata, a Schubert Piano Sonata, a letter from Mozart to his father and Beethoven’s notes for his Ninth Symphony. There will also be work from Haydn, Mussorgsky and other more modern composers. There are also Enrico Caruso’s gold-rimmed glasses.

If that isn’t enough for you, you can check out the two pieces of jewelry that are being made available for auction on June 20.

“We are pleased to be working with Christie’s to present this auction at the time of two important milestones in 2016/7: the 60th anniversary of the death of Edwin Franko Goldman and the 50th anniversary of the Met Opera at Lincoln Center,” stated the President of the Metropolitan Opera Guild  Richard J. Miller Jr. “Funds generated from this sale will ensure that the Guild and the Metropolitan Opera are poised to continue fulfilling their respective missions for years to come.”