Maxim Mironov Explores Bellini in ‘La Ricordanza’

By Francisco Salazar

Maxim Mironov has released his new album “La Ricordanza.”

The young bel canto tenor Maxim Mironov is accompanied by Richard Barker, who recreates the atmosphere of salons during which Bellini’s life took place.

The CD includes ariettas from Bellini’s early period.

In a press release, the tenor noted “The idea of this recording came to me when I was visiting Museum of Bellini in Catania, Sicily. Among other things exposed there, I saw two instruments that belonged to the composer. The actual state of this pianos is quite bad. You can’t play on them now. But their look and the fact that great Bellini himself played on them brought me to the questions: what was the voice of this instruments? Which music Bellini wrote for them and how it sounded? In order to answer this questions, I started my research. I met the most exiting people all over the world: musicologists, collectors of period instruments, musicians. And the fruit of all this research is my new CD.”

There will be a Limited Edition of 500 copies only with texts of an Italian musicologist Francesco Cesari and the illustrations of Alexey Sorokin.

The album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google play.



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