Matthew Polenzani Cancels ‘Don Carlo’ at Hungarian State Opera

By Francisco Salazar

Matthew Polenzani has canceled his debut at the Hungarian State Opera.

The tenor took to social media and said, “I am very sorry to say, I have had to cancel my performances of ‘Don Carlo’ in Budapest, due to illness. I was very much looking forward to my debut at the Hungarian State Opera, and I am saddened to have to miss visiting this beautiful city. I send all my colleagues my best wishes and offer my apologies to the opera public in Budapest. I hope to be able to sing in this beautiful theater one day soon, and until then stay safe and healthy.”

As a result, Carlo Ventre and Adorján Pataki will sing the title role. They will join a cast that includes  András Palerdi, Csaba Szegedi, Zsuzsanna Ádám, Erika Gál, and Géza Gábor.

Leonardo Sini conducts the production which opens on June 8 and runs through June 18, 2022.