Marcos Fernández-Barrero’s ‘Requiem’ to Get World Premiere

By David Salazar

The Fundación SGAE and Asociación Española de Orquestas Sinfónicas will present the world premiere of a new Requiem by Marcos Fernández-Barrero on Nov.  13, 2023.

The showcase, which takes place at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, will feature the Coro y Orquesta Sinfónica de la Comunidad de Madrid under the musical direction of Marzena Diakun.

Per an official press release issued by the company, this is the first requiem composed in Spanish for chorus and orchestra without any soloists. It features seven poems by Antonio Machado.

Fernández-Barrero created the work in memory of his father who died of cancer a little over a year ago as he was composing the work. “His desire is that the requiem can offer consolation to those that, like him, have experienced loss, by offering a road to healing through music and the power of text,” the press release says.

Fernández-Barrero, 39, was the most programmed contemporary composer by symphonic orchestras in Spain between 2018-2020. He has written operas, symphonic works, solo piano works, and even works for cinema, among others.