Madison Opera Cancels ‘Il Trovatore;’ Announces Digital Season

By Francisco Salazar

The Madison Opera has canceled its fall production of “Il Trovatore” and announced a new digital season.

The company announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Overture Center for the Arts will be closed for public performances until the end of November. As a result, many of the artists involved inIl Trovatore” will instead collaborate on the company’s reimagined fall season, which includes both digital and in-person content.

The Madison Opera announced that it is creating a fall season that lasts from September through December.

The company’s Opera Novice and Opera Up Close will have monthly editions that include artists from around the country.  The Opera Center itself will be the site of “Live from the Opera Center,” a variety of streamed performances with a small live audience. Other performances will be created digitally and made available exclusively to subscribers.

Among the artists that will be involved in the initiative are Karen Slack, Weston Hurt, Kenneth Kellogg, Fenlon Lamb, Jeni Houser, David Blalock, Emily Fons, Emily Secor, and Kirsten Larson.