Los Angeles Mayor Says Concerts Unlikely Until 2021

By Francisco Salazar

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that sporting events and concerts may not resume until 2021 due to the coronavirus.

In an interview with CNN, Garcetti said, “It’s difficult to imagine us getting together in the thousands anytime soon, so I think we should be prepared for that this year.”

He added, “I think we all have never wanted science to work so quickly. But until there’s either a vaccine, some sort of pharmaceutical intervention, or herd immunity, the science is the science. And public health officials have made very clear we have miles and miles to walk before we can be back in those environments.”

If Garcetti is right, this could affect the 2020-21 seasons of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the LA Opera, among other companies in the city. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, which houses the LA Opera, seats 3,156 people while the Walt Disney Hall, which houses the LA Philharmonic, seats 2,265 people. Both companies canceled the remainder of their 2019-20 seasons and are expected to return in September.

While President Trump has extended nationwide lockdown until May 1, the state of California is expected to extend its lockdown until May 15.