L’Opéra bouffe du Québec to Present ‘La Belle de Cadix’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Opéra bouffe du Québec will present Francis López’s operetta “La Belle de Cadix” starting on October 22, 2022. at the Théatre des Muses by Maison des arts de Laval.

The work will be presented in a staging by Alain Zouvi under the musical direction of Simon Fournier.  Performers include Charlotte Vigneault, Emmanuel Hasler, Samira Tou, Rosalie-Lane Lépine, José Dufour, Philippe Gobeille, and Daniel Murphy.

The work takes place during a movie shoot in Spain during which two characters confess their true love for one another, leading to massive confusion and events that force them apart.

“Finally!  L’Opéra bouffe du Québec reconnects with its audience and its stage.  Two years of imagination and resilience to ensure continuity, dynamism, regrouping its members and their passion for operetta.  We are happy and feverish to offer you a trip to Cadix, Spain,” said Suzanne Morcel, Opéra bouffe du Québec’s president, in an official press release.

There will be additional performances on Oct. 23, 28, 29, and 30.