Lidia Fridman Headlines Konzerthaus Berlin’s World Premiere of Donizetti’s ‘Dalinda’

By David Salazar

The Berliner Operngruppe is set to present the world premiere of Donizetti’s “Dalinda” starting on May 14, 2023 at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

The opera will star Lidia Fridman in the title role. She will be joined by Yajie Zhang, Luciano Ganci, Paolo Bordogna, David Ostrek, Andrés Moreno García, Kangyoon Shine Lee, Fermin Basterra, Egor Sergeev, and Kento Uchiyama. Felix Krieger conducts.

“Dalinda” is a reworked version of “Lucrezia Borgia” that sets the opera during the time of the Third Crusade in the Middle East. However, the opera was rejected by censors and the work, which was set to premiere in Naples, never got a chance to appear there. The score, which the composer left in Naples, was subsequently sold off and lost.

For this version that will be presented in Berlin nearly all the missing parts have been recovered and “recomposed.” Audiences familiar with “Lucrezia” will find many overlapping musical moments, though Donizetti reworked the third and final act significantly. Additions include a new tenor aria, a female chorus, and an arioso for the tenor before dying. This version was edited by Eleonora Di Cintio.