Librettist Leah Lax’s Book ‘Not From Here: The Song Of America’ Releases March 2024

By Chris Ruel

Leah Lax was tasked with creating an opera to honor the experiences of local immigrants, which led her to dedicate a year to hearing their personal tales of dislocation and new beginnings from around the world. This journey allowed her to connect with what she perceived as the essence of America. Within her book “Not From Here,” Lax explores the forgotten past of her Jewish family, placing their experiences within the wider immigrant story of America. The book will publish in March 2024.

In advance praise of the book, Gloria Steinem stated, “Leah Lax understands that everyone has a story and a secret. To experience this ourselves, we have only to read her utterly irresistible ‘Not from Here.'”

Lax’s career spans both writing and opera, having authored “Uncovered,” a pioneering memoir of leaving behind the Hasidic life, which has since been adapted into an opera by Lori Laitman.

Her essays and stories have been published across a range of media and collected in notable anthologies. Away from her literary pursuits, Lax enjoys playing the cello and kayaking with her partner.