Libero Canto to Present Brahms 3/4 Time

By Francisco Salazar

Libero Canto is set to present “Brahms 3/4 Time,” featuring an evening of song by the German composer.

The performance, which is set to for Nov. 13 at the Salmagundi Club in New York, will showcase Alexandra Selawsky, Lily Arbisser, Sandra Goodman, Kayla Faccilongo, Daniel Kamalic, Alonso Jordan Lopez, Peter Ludwig, and Matt Mueller. Pianists Jason Wirth and Georgi Lekov will also feature.

The program will include Brahms’ Deutsche Volkslieder, the a cappella “Vergangen ist mir Glück und Heil,” from Opus 62, two of the Hungarian Dances for four hands, and the beloved Liebeslieder Walzer, Opus 52.

Libero Canto is an approach to vocal pedagogy that helps singers to let go of excess tension and effort for the sake of freer, more genuine musical expression.