LA Opera Of Grand To World Premiere ‘p r i s m’

By Francisco Salazar

LA Opera Off Grand is set to present the world premiere of a new work by composer Ellen Reid and librettist Roxie Perkins entitled “p r i s m.”

This kaleidoscopic and haunting new opera will be presented in collaboration with Beth Morrison Projects and explored an issue that fills today’s headlines all too often, violence against women.

The opera has been described as “a psychological drama between a mother and daughter that deals with the aftermath of trauma. The complex female characters drawn by Roxie Perkins and the vivid, sensory musical world by Ellen Reid paint a timely portrait of the desperate lengths one is capable of going to in order to survive.”

The opera will be presented at REDCAT with Rebecca Jo Loeb and Anna Schubert starring in the work.

Performances run from Nov. 29 through Dec. 21, 2018.

Per the LA Opera Press: This performance uses explicit language and features adult subject matter. It is not recommended for children.