Juilliard Opera to Present ‘L’Orfeo’

By David Salazar

The Juilliard Opera is set to present a production of Luigi Rossi’s “L’Orfeo” starting on Nov. 10, 2021.

The production, which will be directed by Mary Birnbaum, will represent the New York staged premiere of the baroque opera.

Richard Pittsinger will appear in the title role while as Euridice, audiences will hear Julie Roset with Nicoletta Berry as Giunone. Other cast members include Lydia Grace Graham, Deborah Love, Seonwoo Lee, Mary Beth Neslon, Xenia Puskarz Thomas, Karin Osbeck, Jasmin White, Richard Pittsinger, Cesar Parreño, Erik Grendahl, Joseph Parrish, and William Socolof. Avi Stein conducts.

For our cast and team, this piece is about preserving— or fighting for— hope in a hopeless time. There’s a beautiful resonance between our cast of young singers and Orfeo, for whom the act of music making is the instrument of hoping. Our production concept stemmed from the idea that no matter how much we try to control our choices to prevent chaos and grief, life seeps in through the cracks and destiny takes us on an unpredictable ride,” director Mary Birnbaum told OperaWire.

There will be a total of three performances, include one on Nov. 12 and a final one on Nov. 14.