Joyce DiDonato’s ‘SongPlay’ to Stream on ALL ARTS

By David Salazar

ALL ARTS’s music series “The Set List” is set to showcase Joyce DiDonato’s “Song Play” performance at Lincoln Center as part of the American Songbook series.

The stream will premiere on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 8 p.m. and will run for approximately one and a half hours. Among the pieces performed are “Caro mio ben,’ “The Masquerade is Over,” “Se tu ma’ami/ star vicino,” “Tu lo Sai,” “Quella Fiamma,” “Lean Away,” and “La Vie En Rose,” among many others.

Appearing with DiDonato are Craig Terry, Chuck Israels, Jimmy Madison, Lautaro Greco, and Charlie Porter.

OperaWire was fortunate to witness two different performances of the “Songplay” tour on the East and West Coast. Of the performance in Lincoln Center, writer Logan Martell noted, “While Songplay is available for purchase, audiences will not want to miss this last chance to hear these songs live.”

Meanwhile, writer Ching Chang, commenting on a performance at UC Berkley stated, “In sum, this was a fantastic program that not only showcased a wide array of enjoyable repertory, but also spotlighted DiDonato’s unique artistry and ability to make all of these individual parts feel like a cohesive whole.”

Check out this clip from the concert at Lincoln Center.