Joyce DiDonato Announces Release Of ‘The Florence Foster Jenkins Story’

By Francisco Salazar

Joyce DiDonato has announced the release the film “The Florence Foster Jenkins Story.”

The mezzo-soprano, who portrayed Jenkins in the documentary, announced that to celebrate the 150th birthday of Florence Foster Jenkins, the film would be available on July 19, 2018 on Amazon Prime UK and Amazon Prime USA.

The documentary, directed by Ralf Pleger fuses documentary, fiction, and music film genres to take a closer look at the woman behind the aural assault and explores the bizarre phenomenon of her fame.

The film had its premiere in 2016 in Germany and went on to premiere at the FIFA international Competition, Golden Prague Festival, and Filmfest Hamburg, among others.

The film marks the third feature based on Florence Foster Jenkins’ life. Previously Paramount released “Florence Foster Jenkins” with Meryl Streep and Cohen Media Group also showcased “Marguerite.’ Both went on to be critically acclaimed and garnered numerous awards.