Jorell Williams to Headline Kentucky Opera’s ‘Amplify Songs of Justice’

By Nicolas Quiroga

On June 10, 2023, the Kentucky Opera will celebrate Metro Louisville’s June Jubilee with “Amplify Songs of Justice.”

The event will take place at the Kentucky Opera Center for Cultural Health, will feature baritone Jorell Williams, who was also commissioned to write the songs. Also commissioned was Paula McCraney.

“My hope is that many of these songs become our inspiration in revisiting this historic time that still remains as potent and meaningful today, with the hope that social change, respect, and diversification will eventually be at the forefront of America,” Williams said in an official press statement.

Also featured on the performance are Aseye Ensemble, under the musical direction of Carlos Amewudah; Karan Chavis and the volunteer choir of civil rights supporters in the Louisville community known as the Juneteenth Jubilee Choir.