James Morris Joins BrAVA! Philadelphia! Gala Concert

By David Salazar

The Academy of Vocal Arts has announced that famed bass-baritone James Morris will be joining BrAVA! Philadelphia! Gala on Saturday, March 28, 2020.

The event, which will celebrate the institution’s 85th anniversary, will see Morris join a cast of artists that includes Angela Meade, Bryan Hymel, Vanessa Vasquez, Taylor Stayton, Latonia Moore, Hannah Ludwig, Jared Bybee, and André Courville.

The concert will also feature a full orchestra conducted by the Academy of Vocal Arts’ Jeannine B. Cowles Music Director Chair Maestro Christofer Macatsoris.

The concert will also present the AVA Distinguished Achievement in the Arts Award to Rev. Mark Hatcher of the Holy Ghost Headquarters, Eric Blumenfeld of EB Realty Management Corporation, and Geoff Gordon of Live Nation Finally, voice teacher Bill Schuman will also be honored.