IN Series to Present ‘The Promised End’

By David Salazar

IN Series will present “The Promised End,” a unique exploration of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and Verdi’s Requiem.

The production is set for Nov. 18-Dec. 10 at the Source Theatre and Dec. 15-17, 2023 at the Baltimore Theatre Project.

The work, which originally opened in 2018, will feature eight vocal artists, including Teresa Ferrara, Natalie Conte, Elizabeth Mondragon, Gayssie Lugo, Brian Arreola, Henrique Carvalho, and Andrew Adelsberger. Additionally, there is a one-woman monodrama depicting Verdi, the play “King Lear,” and the titular character himself. For this occasion, audiences will see Nanna Ingvarsson.

“‘The Promised End’ represents a wholly original form of theater that combines music and text in a radical and evocative new way – a way which is unique to the work of IN Series,” said Artistic Director Timothy Nelson in an official press statement. “Over less than 90 minutes, an entire depth of human emotion and experience is plumbed to some of the most unforgettable music ever written, performed with an intimate intensity that transforms its power. Verdi’s Requiem and Shakespeare’s ‘KING LEAR,’ it is a realization of both these masterpieces and a meditation on them and their creators, all adding up to shattering artistic experience.”