IN Series Opera to Present ‘CHUCK AND EVA’

By David Salazar

IN Series Opera is set to bring its 2022-23 season to a close with “CHUCK AND EVA,” a performance that spotlights the Great American Songbook.

The event, which will be performed on June 1 and 2, 2023, and then on June 24, will feature works by Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy from their only album “The Other Side.”

“The performance itself is focused not on living in the past of this album, but bringing together living and working DC jazz artists to generate new life from the songs and musical approaches taken by Brown and Cassidy,” Artistic Director Timothy Nelson said in an official press statement. “In this way the project is about celebrating the present, and creating the future of DC music.”

The showcase will feature jazz pianist and composer Janelle Gill alongside such singers as Greg Watkins and Melissa Wimbish.

The June 1 and 2 performances will take place at the True Reformer Building in Washington, D.C. with the June 24 performance set to take the stage of the Baltimore Theatre Project.