Iain Bell Named on Atittude Magazines ‘Attitude 101’ List

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Frances Marshall)

Composer Iain Bell has been named on Attitude Magazine’s ‘Attitude 101’ list.

The list shines a light on 100 LGBTQ+ trailblazers embodying excellence across 10 fields.

Bell is part of the ‘Film, TV & Music’ field.

In a statement, the composer said, “I feel so proud to be representing the contemporary classical music world on the Attitude 101 list. For our corner of the entertainment industry to be sharing the spotlight with such world-class and diverse artists is truly an honour. I have been so, so fortunate to have been given a global platform to tell LGBTQ+ stories, be it via my opera ‘Stonewall,’ my song cycles of poetry by Whitman, Richard Barnfield and Verlaine, or my recent monodramas ‘The Man With Night Sweats’ and ‘Comfort Starving’ dealing with more contemporary themes. Thank you to every collaborator, on stage or behind-the-scenes, who helped breathe life into each bar.”

Bell joins a list of such artists as Romy, Jonathan Bailey, Jordan Firstman, Troye Sivan, and Andrew Scott.