Houston Grand Opera to Make Face Masks for Local Hospitals and Women’s Center

By Logan Martell

In doing their part to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Houston Grand Opera’s costume department is making and donating fabric face masks to healthcare workers at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Methodist Hospital, and the Women’s Center.

On this endeavor, Perryn Leech, Managing Director of Houston Grand Opera, said “Over the course of the last four weeks, they’ve made 2,200 masks. These costume technicians have been unbelievable. They got together fabrics and we’ve bought more fabrics now. And we just continue to make as many masks as we possibly can.”

The company is currently seeking donations to help with the effort. “Right now, cash is king,” says Leech. “We were not successful in the first round of PPP funding. So, we have had to furlough some staff. But the reality is, if we want to have an art form to come back to, we need to keep as many people busy until we can come back into the theatre.” Leech ended on a positive note, saying “I’m an optimist by nature. This art form has survived 450 years so far, and we need it to survive another 450.”