Heartbeat Opera to Present ‘Lady M’ Online This May

By David Salazar

Heartbeat Opera will be presenting “Lady M” this May as part of its work-in-progress series of virtual soirées on Zoom.

The work, which is an online fantasia for Verdi’s “Macbeth,” will present the work through the perspective of Lady Macbeth. The work was conceived, adapted, and directed by Ethan Heard with musical arrangements by Daniel Schlosberg.

The opera will feature Felicia Moore as Lady M, Quentin Oliver Lee as Macbeth, Tyler Putnam as Banquo, and Sishel Calverie, Taylor-Alexis Dupont, and Jamilyn Manning-White as the Weird Sisters.

“Heartbeat Opera was founded on the principle of meeting restrictions with creativity and imagination. We aim to lead the way in innovating the art form towards a leaner, but no less potent expression,” said Heartbeat Co-Artistic Directors Louisa Proske and Ethan Heard. “Today, we are facing our biggest restriction yet—the inability to meet and share work in a physical space. We are devastated by the human toll of this crisis, and by the threat it poses to the livelihood of the performing arts scene—and we feel it is our duty to seize this moment and find new modes of creating together online. We see this as vital research for an uncertain future. The urge to express ourselves prevails, and we take pride in creating work for artists during this time of uncertainty.”

In total there will be 12 45-minute virtual soirées taking place between May 11-16 with each one featuring the unveiling of the music video for Lady M’s “Sleepwalking scene.” Audiences will also get a brief live performance from one cast member as well as a Q & A session. There will also be a short documentary with behind-the-scenes footage of the artists working together virtually from their homes.