Handel and Hayden Society Launches ‘Summer of Beethoven’ Festival and ‘Radio H+H’

By Logan Martell

The Handel and Hayden Society has announced that it will be expanding its digital offerings through their new “Summer of Beethoven” festival, as well as two new online radio stations, which will be streaming free content 24/7.

“The Summer of Beethoven” festival was launched on July 4, and celebrates the composer’s 250th birthday through live and recorded performances of symphonies, concertos, choral works, and chamber music, hosted by the orchestra’s principal cellist Guy Fishman. The programming will also explore Beethoven’s relationship with Handel and Hayden. The festival will run for nine weeks, until the week of August 29, with the final week being completely dedicated to Beethoven’s works on the Handel and Hayden Society’s radio stations.

These radio stations, known as Radio H+H, are two separate channels which feature performances by the Handel and Hayden Society Orchestra and Chorus. One station plays exclusively instrumental music, while the other plays a mix of all recordings.