Guildhall School Honors Major Opera Donors

By David Salazar

Guildhall School has awarded two honorary scholarships to Maureen Amar and Richard Jenkins in recognition of outstanding professional achievements.

Amar and Jenkins are the founding trustees of Amar-Franses & Foster-Jenkins Trust and have enabled a large number of postgraduate students of opera, performing arts and production arts to complete their academic training via financial support.

They also have been major supporters of the National Opera Studio and Samling Institute for Young Artists and in 2018, they purchased a property with the intended purpose of providing accommodation to postgraduate students at the Guildhall School and National Opera Studio at a subsidized cost.

Ultimately, the duo has funded 22 scholarships and research projects at 12 different academic institutions.

Amar and Jenkins were honored during a ceremony on Nov. 5 at The Great Hall in Guildhall.

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama was founded in London in 1880.