Glimmerglass Festival Announces New Wellness Program

By David Salazar

Glimmerglass Festival has announced that it is partnering with Glimmerglass Medical & Wellness, LLC, for a unique program for opera and theatre professionals.

The program was piloted throughout the 2023 season. Following the pilot, the organization hired founder Dr. Jeffery Bailey, DNP/FNP-BC to lead the program with the aim of helping artists and participants “leaving Glimmerglass feeling better than they did upon arriving at hte Festival.”

Part of program inccludes an onsite infirmary for Glimmerglass staff and artists at no cost to Glimmerglass employees. Baileywill lead the infirmary and provide weekly primary care “Opera Doc” in collaboration with Bassett Healthcare Networ at the Richfield Springs Clinic.

There will lso be an education component to the series that covers such topics as sleep hygiene, heealthy eating, and summer colds, among others.

“For nearly five decades, Glimmerglass has been the driving force behind the American opera and theater scene, nurturing performers, musicians, and artisans who have risen to prominence in the industry. With this new partnership with Glimmerglass Medical & Wellness, we are taking the next step in this long history, offering holistic support to the professionals who make each season’s magic possible,” said Glimmerglass Executive Director Andrea Lyons in an official press statement.