Glasshouse International Centre for Music Announces ‘Music Pass’ for Newborns

By David Salazar

The United Kingdom’s Glasshouse International Centre for Music has announced “Music Pass,” a program that will provide free access to live music for every baby born in the North East between Sept. 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024.

The program, which was developed with public health authorities and Children North East, provides a £25 voucher for family-friendly concerts, gigs, and music classes.

“Music has the power to inspire, connect, and uplift communities, and we believe that as many people as possible should have the wonder of music in their lives,” Abigail Pogson, Managing Director at The Glasshouse, said in an official press release. “Through the ‘Music Pass,” we hope to provide families with the resources they need to nurture a lifelong love of music in their children.”

“Music plays a vital role in supporting early childhood development; it creates new human connections and can make our lives better, and we are proud to support efforts to make it accessible to every child in the North East,” added Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health for Gateshead and Newcastle. “Ensuring all children have the best start in life is fundamental to addressing inequalities. Listening to or playing music and singing can have positive effects on behaviour, self-confidence, emotional regulation, relationship building, and a sense of belonging, contributing to resilience and mental wellbeing. This initiative plays an important part in opening this opportunity up to all communities, regardless of income.”