Germany Announces New Financial Aid for Independent Artists

By Logan Martell

German Cultural Minister Monika Grütters has announced a new line of financial aid for independent artists, allowing them to apply for grants of up to €5,000 depending on their individual circumstances.

Currently, Germany estimates that this sector of the workforce comprises some 1.5 million freelance artists, who contribute over €100 Million to the country’s GDP.

“We have managed to enable an independent series of grants for artists who are self-employed,” Grütters told the German Press Agency in Berlin. “Our intention is They can apply for help directly, without bureaucracy and easily. This is a sign of appreciation and support for those who work in the cultural and creative industries, doing so much for our community. ”

On Nov. 5, it was reported that Germany recently experienced 19,900 new cases of COVID-19, a record number of daily COVID-19 cases. The country also recorded 118 new deaths from the deadly virus.