Fresh Squeezed Opera to Present ‘When He Was Good’

By David Salazar

Fresh Squeezed Opera is set to present “When He Was Good” this June.

Starting on June 11 and running through the 15th at the HERE Performing Arts Center, DOT in New York City, audiences will get a chance to experience the U.S. premiere of  Ronnie Reshef and Elad Keidan’s comic-detective opera that “tests the boundaries of love.” The work is billed as featuring “5 Aliens. 4 Endangered oceans. 3 Avocado plants. 2 Parents. 1 Murder. All out on a journey investigating love.”

The opera stars Shane Brown, Andy Dwan, Shafiq Hicks, MaKayla MacDonald, Claire Myers McCormick, Caroline Miller, and  Rebecca Soelberg and features the Curiosity Cabinet under Whitney George.

The work will be directed by Orlando Segarra.