Fresh Squeezed Opera to Present ‘An Antidote to Failure’

By David Salazar

Fresh Squeezed Opera has announced that it will present “An Antidote to Failure” on Nov. 3, 2021.

The showcase, which will be presented at The Cell Theatre in New York City, will offer up a menu of new vocal music ranging from “tonal to atonal, from acoustic to electronic, from libretto-driven to sound-driven.”

Among the pieces on display will be Molly Joyce’s “Our way of being small in the world,” which will be making its world premiere. It will star vocalists Andy Dwan and Lauren Cook alongside pianist Markus Katilia, clarinetist Jarrett Hoffman, cellist Thea Mesirow, and percussionist Adam Holmes.

Audiences will also see the New York premiere of Minato Sakamoto’s “Climbing High” starring vocalist Veronica Mak and pianist Markus Kaitila; the world premiere of Mamed Sadykh-Pur’s “A Noisless Patient Spider” and “The Fly” with Caroline Miller, Kaitila, Hoffman, and Mesirow; Kangyi Zhang’s “Willed Capital” with Danielle Buonaiuto and pianist Candance Chien; and Brian Mark’s “Harlem (A Dream Deferred)” with Victoria Davis, Chien, Hoffman, and Mesirow.