Fresh Squeezed Opera Announces First Production

By Francisco Salazar

The Fresh Squeezed Opera has announced its first production of the 2017-18 season.

The company will present its annual “Showcase” of new chamber-vocal music at the Cell Theatre, featuring Paola Prestini’s Body Maps, on Thursday Nov. 2, 2017, 8:00pm.

Selected from a call for scores yielding over 200 submissions, the “Showcase” will be an evening presentation of new vocal works keeping the operatic genre alive and fresh.

Prestini’s Body Maps is featured –Body Maps is a personal portrait that explores the plurality of certain human experiences, highlighting our strengths and vulnerabilities, particularly those of our own bodies. The piece explores the range of both the cello and the human voice (itself a body part), structurally balanced by both an electronic choir of voices and a choir of cellos. Though essentially a duo, the layering and counterpoint represent the complexity and scope of the theme.

Among the pieces that will be performed include “Epitaphs” (World Premiere) by Marcus Maroney, “Leda Songs” (U.S. Premiere) by Monica Pearce, “Body Maps” by Paola Prestini, “Random Blackouts I” by Dr. Greg A. Steinke and “The Gorgeous Nothings” by Ingrid Stölzel.