Fresh Squeezed Opera Announces Bankroll Banquet & ‘The Artwork of the Future’

By David Salazar

Fresh Squeezed Opera will present a Bankroll Banquet on Feb. 28, 2023 at The Ragtrader & Bo Peep Cocktail and Highball Store in New York City.

The showcase will feature such artists as Victoria Benson, Jane Hoffman, Claire Myers McCormick, and Markus Kaitila with all proceeds going directly to supporting the musicians, composers, librettists, directors, designers, and artists that work with the organization.

Those unable to attend in person will be able to attend the event virtually.

Up next for Fresh Squeezed Opera is “The Artwork of the Future,” a new opera by Eric Moe and Robert Handel. The opera is a sci-fi work about robot-loving artists and art-loving robots. Dara Malina directs while Alex Wen conducts. The opera stars Omar Najmi, Emily Solo, Daniel Klein, Brittany Fowler, and Amalia Habitué.

That opera will be presented on May 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, and 20, 2023 at the HERE Performing Arts Center, Mainstage Theater in New York City.