French Police Refutes Pretty Yende’s Detainment Claims

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: Kim Fox Photography)

Per sources of French publication Forum Opera, soprano Pretty Yende attempted to enter the territory of the Republic of France without a residence permit.

“Ms. Yende was not mistreated at the airport, but tried to enter France without a residence permit,” said the publication’s source from the French police. “The checks made by the police in this particular case were a desire to save the opera performance of Ms. Yende. The officials at the airport otherwise had all the authority to deny her entry, which they did not do.”

Per the sources of the, Yende arrived to Paris from Milan, and only had her South African passport without a valid visa.

“At no time there were any incidents, and she was not asked to undress,” added the source from the French Police. “As she was placed in a holding room to examine the situation, Pretty Yende left after an hour with the temporary visa that allowed her to enter the territory of France.”

ANSA agency confirmed these claims in its own report. Per Yende’s representative agent, the soprano was in possession of a residence permit issued by the Milan police headquarters, a document with which she has always traveled around European theaters where she was acclaimed. However, the French border authorities did not deem the document sufficient to grant the entry to France.

Yende took to social media early in the day to share her story stating, “Now I have some idea of how it feels to be in prison literally. Customs detained me and treated me like a criminal today.”

The SICOP – formal Press Department of the French police did not issue a formal statement up to this moment about the case.

We will update the article as the new information is made available.