Four Conductors Join Forces to Create ‘Everything Conducting’ Project

By David Salazar

Four American conductors have launched “Everything Conducting,” a website aimed at providing resources and conversations around the art of conducting.

The project is headed by Ankush Kumar Bahl, John Devlin, Anna Edwards, and Enrico Lopez-Yañez.

The project features articles divided into two sections entitled “On the Podium” and “Off the Podium.” “On the Podium” presents readers with articles on leading concerts and ensembles as well as best practices for auditions and collaborations with other artists. “Off the Podium” emphasizes the business of conducting, programming, concert design, and entrepreneurial aspects of the career as a conductor.

There is also a weekly podcast entitled “Upbeat by Everything Conducting” led by Devlin and Lopez-Yañez.

The project also includes an “External Resources” section which includes recommended readings, networking and job opportunities, library and programming resources, lists of competitions and festivals, and much more.

Kumar Bahl has worked with such orchestras as the New York Philharmonic, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Devlin is the Music Director of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, while Edwards is in her ninth season as Music Director of  Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, seventh season as Music Director of the Saratoga Orchestra, and fourth season as Music Director of the Pacific Northwest Conducting Institute. Finally, Lopez-Yañez is the Principal Pops Conductor of the Nashville Symphony.