Fonds Tutti Announces Programme Tremplin for 2022

By David Salazar
(© photo : Eléna Bauer/OnP)

Le Fonds Unisson has changed its name to Fonds Tutti and its founding members being Sandra Lagumina, Marie Lambert, and Philippe Do have announced its Programme Tremplin.

The foundation will select eight singers to be part of the Programme Tremplin with the intent of supporting them in their career through private vocal lessons, public master classes, and two concerts. Each artist will be matched up with a specific mentor.

The two concerts will take place at the Opéra Bastille on Nov. 29 and 30. The “Concert Tremplin” will showcase the laureats while the “Concert de Gala,” in addition to showcasing the program’s artists, will also feature a number of major opera stars including Nicole Car, Clémentine Margaine, Marie McLaughlin, Anna Pirozzi, Marco Berti, Nicolas Courjal, Étienne Dupuis, and Mathias Vidal; these artists will also be mentors to the young artists in the program throughout 2022.

The independent commission selecting the eight laureats will include tenor Thomas Morris, Charlotte Blin, pianist Florence Boissolle, bass Nicolas Courjal, soprano Anne-Sophie Duprels, pianist David Fray, soprano Melody Louledjian, pianist Emmanuel Olivier, mezzo Julie Pasturaud, and director Rares Zaharia. The foundation will also cover expenses for participants for up to 1250 euros (rehearsals with pianists, lodging in Paris, and travel costs).

The participants will be announced in mid-October with the program starting up shortly thereafter.