Florida Grand Opera General Director To Remain With Company After Clarification Over Wrongful Defamation

By David Salazar

The Florida Grand Opera has announced that Susan T. Danis will remain with the company as its General Director and CEO.

Danis had reportedly accepted to join La Jolla Music Society as President and CEO, but has since rescinded the offer. Per a press release, “This decision was reached following the disclosure that a letter defaming her and FGO had been sent to LJMS board chair and members of the staff by a disgruntled ex‐ employee of FGO, Graham Fandrei.”

Moreover, Fandrei, former director of FGO’s Young Artist Program, has since revealed that he sent the letter under an “assumed name” and that he had done so with malicious intent. He has since apologized to all the parties involved.

“I am appreciative of the support I received from FGO as I responded to, and discredited, the information contained in the Fandrei letter,” Danis noted in a statement. “This action by Mr. Fandrei has been deeply affecting me. Given the support I received during this time from FGO, I have withdrawn my application for the position of President and CEO of the La Jolla Music Society.”