Finnish National Opera Announces 2023 Tour

By Francisco Salazar

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet has announced a tour of Finland in May 2023.

The company said that the Opera House will be refurbished and renovated from May to August 2023 and as a result, the organization will travel to five cities including Rovaniemi, Oulu, Joensuu, Turku, and Helsinki.

The renovation will focus on revamping the stage technology management solution.

For the tour, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet will present a spectacular arena experience with a “best of the best” repertoire; this program will showcase the most magical moments of the opera and ballet canon accompanied by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s in-house orchestra. Jere Erkkilä will direct the production with costume designer Erika Turunen, set designer Mark Väisänen and lighting and video designer Gabriel Phillips-Sanchez.

In addition to the arena performances, the host cities will also feature a wide range of complementary entertainment in collaboration with  the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s audience outreach program.

In addition to the summer tour, the company also announced that Finnish National Opera and Ballet will have visiting performances in autumn season of 2023.  First, the Finnish National Opera will Hamina in August with Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem at Bastioni.

Then the Finnish National Ballet will stage three performances of David McAllister’s “Swan Lake” at Tampere Hall from Oct. 6 to 7.