Festival Verdi to Present ‘Opere Crime. Delitto all’opera’

By Francisco Salazar

The Festival Verdi is set to present “Opere Crime. Delitto all’opera” inspired by Verdi’s “Rigoletto.”

The interactive experience by Enrico Melozzi and Stefano De Angelis will be presented on Oct. 11 at the Wopa di via Palermo.

The production is by AsLi.Co. in collaboration with the Festival Verdi, with music composed, conducted, and orchestrated by Enrico Melozzi. The Orchestra Notturna Clandestina will perform alongside cellist Leila Shirvani and Stefano De Angelis on percussions. Marco Tocchio directs the production.

The three protagonists of the evening will be Vincenzo Spinelli (Il Duca di Mantova), Francesco Auriemma (Rigoletto), and Federica Livi (Gilda), with the voices of Adriano Giannini and Pietro Biondi.