Experimental Operas ‘La Noche Sigue’ & ‘Ratas’ To Appear in Buenos Aires

By David Salazar

Two independent experimental opera performances are set to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The first of these is “La Noche Sigue,” an experimental opera by Ensamble Rondon Crowell. The performance will take place on Saturday, No. 16, 2019 at the Machado Teatro.

The opera, inspired by a narrative by Antonio Di Benedeto, will feature music by the Ensamble Rondon Crowell and will starring singing-actress Verónica Diez and John Escobar, Matías Padallaro, and Lucas Percuoso as the musicians. Jésica Montes de Oca will light design with Alu Godoy Ferreira doing makeup.

The work tracks its protagonist’s search for silence amidst a world of “paranoid acoustics.”

That same evening, El Extranjero will host “Ratas,” a work with music by Guillermo Vega Fischer and starring Sofía Drever, Sergio Ferreiro, Teresa Floriach, Ignacio Monna, Martón Scarfi, and Karin Scheps.

“Ratas” tells the story of a family trapped in a basement. It will run through Dec. 7, 2019.