Eve Gigliotti Set to Preview ‘Untitled (Inspired by Film Stills)’ With National Sawdust

By David Salazar

Mezzo-soprano Eve Gigliotti is set to appear in a reading of “Untitled (Inspired by Film Stills)” on Jan. 17, 2020 with the National Sawdust Projects.

The reading, which will be presented with FERUS Festival, is a series of four operatic monodramas that explore the stages of transformation and identity in a woman’s life. The performance will feature music by Ellen Reid and Paola Prestini with lyrics by Royce Vavrek. There will also be excerpts by Nico Muhly and Missy Mazzoli with R.B. Schlather directing.

“I want to continue telling stories that are relevant, personal, and from a point of view that doesn’t always get a platform.  These monodramas grew from the seed of my original concept, which started a free form response to another work (Untitled Film Stills #12, #48, #60, #39 of the Cindy Sherman series),” Gigoliotti stated in a press release. “It started as my words, ideas and impressions on a sheet of paper scribbled on the back of each image… We’ve dreamed up a moment, a scene in a life, an actress in performance, as we all are in our lives to an extent. The audience as voyeur witnesses this moment from four different dramatic and musical points of view.”

The full production is set to premiere in New York in 2021 with a tour headed to The Kennedy Center and San Diego Opera the following year.