ENO ‘The Mask of Orpheus’ Production To Feature 400,000 Swarovski Crystals

By David Salazar
(Credit: Anja Riedmann for Swarovski)

The English National Opera’s new production of “The Mask of Orpheus” will utilize 400,000 Swarovski crystals.

The crystals will be utilized on costumes designed by Daniel Lismore, who Vogue once called “England’s most outrageous dresser.” Audiences will see Eurydice’s wedding gauntlets, Dionysus’ golden pomegranates, the Oracle of Death’s gown, the beetle-colored skin of the Furies, and the hot pink flowers of the Judges of the Dead featuring Swarowski’s prized items.

Per a press release, it took the designer two years to conceive and complete the designs; he has worked alongside 15 costumiers in achieving the milestone.

“It was amazing to be free to create with Swarovski crystals,” Lismore stated in a press release, “draping them and building up layers. They just fall together like a puzzle and create new shapes, and new textures… “You go to the opera to see beautyThe production will feature dance, clowns, comedy, mimes, dolls, puppets and heartbreaking acting. But the way Swarovski crystals combine with the lighting sets the mood of the whole opera. The shimmering turns it into something magical.”

“Swarovski’s expertise and versatility in costume and jewelry design will undoubtedly heighten one of the greatest masterpieces in contemporary opera,” added the production’s director Daniel Kramer.

“The Mark of Orpheus,” which was written by composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle, will play between Oct. 18 and Nov. 13, 2019 at the English National Opera.