English National Opera Joins Forces With TikTok For Opera Based On ‘Tiger King’

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: Opera Online)

The English National Opera will team up with TikTok stars for opera based on the hit Netflix’s series “Tiger King.”

“Opera is an art form that deals best with epic themes – rival worlds, passionate love, carnal lusts, and monstrous betrayal. In many ways, it’s the art form that this story was made for,” said ENO’s Chief Executive Stuart Murphy. “Opera can speak to all ages. What’s really timeless is people’s yearning to tell stories, listen to stories and get inside worlds. Shows like “The Chestnut Man” or “Making a Murderer” are all brilliantly told stories. We’re in a similar Venn diagram. And actually, when people turn up they’re like ‘Wow, I didn’t realize it was that epic,'” added Murphy.

The production will be entirely presented on TikTok, and is set to the music of Bizet’s “Carmen” performed live in London by ENO’s professional chorus and full string orchestra.