Eleonor Sandresky & Gilda Lyons Headline ‘Wolf Moon’ Online Concert

By David Salazar

Soprano Gilda Lyons will team up with Eleonor Sandresky for “Wolf Moon,” an online concert set to take place on Jan. 28, 2021.

The concert, which is the fifth installment of the Lunar Landscape concert series, will feature several pieces for piano and soprano including “Someone Comes” by Eleonor Sandresky and “Hydroxychhloroquine” by Gilda Lyons. Additionally, the showcase will feature several other pieces by Lyons as well as “Dead Things” for solo piano by Philip Glass.

In keeping with the structure and tradition employed in the previous four concerts of the Lunar Landscape series,  Sandresky will also interview Lyons as they explore creativity in composition.

“As we work, I learn from them and stretch myself in new ways as a musician,” Sandresky told OperaWire. “Especially during the pandemic, it’s been a way to stay connected with my audience and my musical practice. Curating and preparing for these each month gives me focus and creative purpose at a time when that is lacking in almost every aspect of my life at the moment. An important goal of the series is to expand the reach of composers to unknown audiences. The pandemic offers us this unique opportunity by forcing concert events online.

“It is my hope that the audience can find solace in the connection with music and our broader culture, but also some tangible connection with the others that attend. The comments section is always interesting and very appreciative, and they will also tell you when something isn’t working! In this crazy world you don’t always know… It is important now, more than ever, to support each other within the new music community, to lift each other up and share in the sounds we create together,” Sandresky concluded.