Ebell of Los Angeles Receives Major Grant from NEA

By David Salazar

Ebell of Los Angeles has received a $30,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

The grant will be used to commission, develop, and produce “All About Rose” by Brooke deRosa and Velina Hasu Houston. The work will be presented in March 2025 and is part of the organization’s “Living Herstory” program.

“All About Rose” tells the story of a group of women who sought to desegregate a local factory following Executive Order 8802 during World War II.

“There are still many deserving stories waiting to be told and support from organizations like NEA continue to help bring these stories to life through the arts,” said Stacy Brightman, Executive Director of The Ebell of Los Angeles, per an official press release. “We are incredibly grateful to NEA for its support in helping us leverage the power of the arts to create and share these stories and make them accessible to everyone through the theater, including school-aged children. We cannot wait to share this inspiring story about these important historical women of Los Angeles and look forward to an exciting world premiere next spring.”