Donizetti Opera Festival Announces Three Streams

By Francisco Salazar

The Donizetti Opera Festival is set to stream three opera productions through its new Web TV.

The festival announced that it will first showcase “Marino Faliero” on Nov. 20 starring Michele Angelini, Francesca Dotto, and Michele Pertusi. The opera, which will be conducted by Riccardo Frizza and directed by Stefano Ricci will also be streamed on Rai 5.

“Belsario” starring Placido Domingo, Carmela Remigio, Annalisa Stroppa, and Celso Albeo will be streamed on Nov. 21 and finally “Le nozze in villa” directed by Davide Marranchelli and starring Fabio Capitanucci, Omar Montanari, Gaia Petrone, Giorgio Misseri, and Manuela Custer,will be streamed on Nov. 22.

All three works will be available on the streaming platform until Dec. 6.

The Donizetti festival is set to open on Nov. 20 and run through Dec. 6 with a performance of ” L’amor coniugale” by Mayr scheduled to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday.