Deutsche Oper Aim Rhein Introduces ‘Pay What you Want’ Program

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Deutsche Oper am Rhein. © Susanne Diesner.)

The Deutsche Oper Aim Rhein has announced a new program entitled “Pay what you want.”

The German company announced that for select performances audiences will get to choose the price on of their seats. According to the press release the minimum price is 10 euros and for family operas 5 euros.

The company added, “beyond that, you decide how much you want to and can pay for opera and ballet! The promotion applies to all seat categories.”

Among the operas that are part of the offer are “Don Giovanni,” “Tosca,” “The Maid of Orleans,” “Hänsel und Gretel,” and “Die Fledermaus.”

The performances will be in Dusseldorf or Duisburg.

According to the company, the reason for this promotion is due to “the sharp rise in energy prices and high inflation. As an open cultural institution that appeals to a wide range of audiences from different social classes and income groups, we feel obliged to respond to the particular challenges of the current situation. However, the acute financial burden varies greatly from person to person; not all people suffer equally from inflation. We, therefore, want to make an offer that relieves some people by making them pay only a little – and enables others to act in solidarity by allowing them to pay more.”