Deutsche Grammophon & Z2 Comics Team Up for Beethoven Graphic Novel

By David Salazar

Deutsche Grammophon and Z2 Comics are teaming up to reimagine the life of Beethoven through a graphic novel intended to celebrate his 250th birthday.

Across 144 pages, readers will get a chance to experience the life of the icon through a series of striking visuals from a series of artists to be announced with Brandon Montclare signed on to write the graphic novel. The cover art has been painted by David Mack. “The Final Symphony: A Beethoven Anthology” will be released in bookstores and comic shops in November and can be purchased online via Z2 Comics’ official website.

“Beethoven wrote some of the most universally recognizable pieces of music in the history of the planet. It is of course, incredibly exciting to publish the work of some of today’s well-known artists, but to have this chance to tell comic book stories from and inspired by the life of one of the most legendary artists of all time is humbling,” Publisher Josh Frankel said in a press release. “We have done our very best to honor this by putting together what we believe will be an essential read for music lovers of all ages.”

The novel will be accompanied by a compilation album featuring Beethoven’s greatest works.