Dayton Performing Arts Alliance Releases 2022-23 Report

By Francisco Salazar

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance released the report for its 2022-2023 noting an increase in ticket revenue and noting a return of 80% of pre-COVID audiences.

The report was presented at the Annual Board of Trustees Meeting in the Community Room of the Dayton Metro Library’s Main branch in downtown Dayton on the afternoon of June 15, 2023.

The report stated that there was a $1.5 million increase in total ticket revenue from FY22 and a return of 80% of pre-COVID audiences. It also noted that more than 50,000 students and teachers participated in DPAA Learning and Community Engagement programs. D

In a statement, DPAA Board of Trustees President Ed Tomme said, “I am amazed at the number and diversity of people who have come back to the performing arts after COVID. I believe Patrick Nugent’s $5 ticket program had an impact, as well as the quality of programming presented by our artistic directors, Karen Russo Burke, Kathleen Clawson, and Neal Gittleman. I’m looking forward to an amazing 23-34 season.”

The report added that 3,125 people purchased tickets through the $5 Ticket Program and that 2,527 tickets were discounted or given complimentary to service members in our community through DPAA’s military appreciation program. According to a formula provided by Americans for the Arts, DPAA’s total economic impact on the region is valued at $9.2 million.